Losing weight and toning up is quite simple really! At PureTrain we have tried to make the following information as straightforward as possible...all you have to do is follow three easy steps!
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Step 1: Adopt a healthy eating plan
Step 2: Use dietary supplementation
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Step 3: Exercise regularly
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Want to lose weight and tone up
but don't know where to start?
In basic terms, in order to reduce fat and lose weight you need to consume fewer calories than your body needs to maintain weight. It is a common mistake however, to think skipping meals is an effective way of reducing calories and therefore achieving weight loss. In fact, quite the opposite! Missing meals reduces your metabolic rate and allows blood sugar levels to drop, which in turn reduces your energy levels. To
combat this, at PureTrain we
recommend that you eat 5-6
small meals throughout the
day to reduce hunger and
speed up your metabolism.

To maximise your weight loss,
the combination of a healthy
diet, dietary supplementation and
an effective exercise regime is vital. This will give you faster and more sustainable results than diet or exercise alone.

We have therefore created an easy to follow PureTrain Healthy Eating Plan that tells you what to eat and the optimum times at which to eat throughout the day.

Simple Tips: When trying to reduce fat
         and lose weight aim to keep your
            carbohydrate intake low (ie fruit,
              vegetables, alcohol etc) whilst
               keeping your protein intake up                 (ie most meats, skimmed milk                 etc). It is also important to                drink sufficient water regularly               throughout the day to stay
            healthy and maximise your
         fitness regimes results.
Using dietary supplementation as part of a daily fitness regime can help increase performance by aiding in areas such
as muscle development, increasing endurance and reducing recovery times.

There are many products available, so
at PureTrain we have made it easy
by identifying the five key dietary supplements that have been proven
to enhance personal fitness and
performance. By referring to the PureTrain Healthy Eating Plan
you can visually see exactly
which PureTrain dietary
supplements to use and at
what time of the day to use
them in order to maximise
your training results.
It's as simple as remembering 123...
For further information about any of the recommended supplements please go to "Why Use Dietary Supplements" You will find helpful advice on what these supplements are and how they can help
                          when used properly
                          during training.

                          For example: It has
                          been shown that using                           a supplement such as
                          PureTrain Whey Protein
                          not only preserves
                          muscle when dieting
                           but you'll suffer less
                           from hunger and
                           reach your weight
                           loss goals more easily.
It is important that regular exercise becomes an integral part of your day
to day life if you want to achieve your health and physical fitness goals in the short term and be able to sustain them throughout a lifetime of fitness.

At PureTrain we have worked closely with Dominic Marsh, a professional Personal Trainer to develop the highly successful
PureTrain Training Programme to help you lose weight and tone up.

Muscle is metabolically active, ie it burns calories - even when you are inactive!
If you lose muscle, your body demands less calories, hence your weight
loss is harder. The best way
to preserve muscle and give
your body that attractive
honed look is to train in the
gym with weights following a
routine based on a 2 week
cycle of 3x60 minute training
sessions a week, alternating
between heavy and light weeks. By rotating in this way you work on different muscle groups in each session depending on where you are in the training cycle, maximising muscle growth and therefore your fat loss and fitness gains.

Additionally in the evenings, we recommend doing a high intensity aerobic session (ie skipping or cycling) 2 hours after your last meal for 20 minutes to increase calories burnt therefore increasing fat loss.

Note: It may be tempting to try to lift
             heavy every time you train
                   but it is impossible to push
                  every muscle group to its
                 maximum in every session.
                It is also important to leave
               at least a day between each
              training session as the body
             builds new muscle tissue
           when you rest, not when you
          are in the gym!
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